The Man Who Proved Sexism Exists By Swapping Places With His Coworker

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Many people think sexism doesn't exist or it's exaggerated but this guy, by accident, sent e-mails from his coworker's account, who just happened to be a woman. After not understanding why he was getting the messages he got, he then realized he was logged into his coworker's account. He made a storyline on his twitter account, which was then shared by BoredPanda, and showed the whole world once again that sexism does exist.


Meet Martin R. Schneider from Pennsylvania. He tasted the sexism of women at work by accident and wanted to share it with the whole world.

This is his coworker Nicole, who has to deal with the prejudices of her boss and the customer's every day and then has to prove her constantly questioned talents.

It all started with an e-mail he sent to one of the customers.

Sexism is something that every woman confronts in every environment. The world will be a more livable place when we learn to see everyone as a human being first.
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