Stealth Mode Activated: 17 Photos Of Impressive Sneakiness


Wanna learn how to fly under the radar like a pro? These 17 sneaky bastards have a few tips for you. Here are those impressive moments of active stealth mode that’ll leave you inspired, and a little bit frightened, tbh!

1. Just nod whenever the teacher says something, and hope for the best, huh?

2. Destroying the evidence like a pro.

3. Appreciated the wisdom. Why ruin a perfectly fine bag of goldfish though...

4. So you find guys with babies sooo cute... I wouldn't be that sure.

5. Perks of being a teeny tiny sneaky bastard.

6. Don't be the guy in red. Life is tough.

7. Well the biter sometimes bit.

8. My loneliness level:

9. Will try pick pocketing next?

10. Pure genius

11. "Me? Stealing money from your purse? You're breaking my heart, Laura..."

12. "Thnx. Bye."

13. "Road is open, my heart is flying free tralalala..."


14. Gang politics.

15. "Great. Leave me in this hellhole for the whole f*cking day and come in the minute I decide to have some fun. Well played, mommy."

16. Daisy is the top of her class. On several levels.

17. This wasn't the women's solidarity we had been talking about. But anyway.
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