Statement Earrings Are Back, And They’re Ready To Rock This Summer!


In fashion, everything always comes back. And it’s very common to go from one extreme to another. That’s exactly what’s happening this season: statement earrings aka XXL earrings are back after a season full of XS jewelry!

In the last autumn/winter season we witnessed the resurrection of oversized clothes, right from the 90’s.

So “size” mattered the whole winter.

And now is the time for oversized earrings.

With their dimensions, maxi earrings have the power to add character to any outfit!

Even if you’re wearing a simple pair of jeans and a basic T-shirt, these earrings can be the perfect fashion statement all by themselves.

They make every outfit shine!

Like here with this black turtleneck...

Geometric designs are very popular.

And asymmetrical ones…

Here are a few ideas on how to use these earrings with different outfits.
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