SiliSponge: The Next Favorite Item Of Makeup Lovers!


All of the makeup tutorials available online for free, blogs, reviews, styles, trends etc, have created a makeup craze. Now people can compare and review products, advise each other, and are more informed about everything.

After egg sponges, spoon brushes, and what not, there is a new, interesting and innovative product: SiliSponges! 

Let's learn more about this transparent and funky make-up applicator!

We use lots of auxiliary items while applying makeup.

And these items usually help us apply our makeup as professionally as possible.

However, sponges usually absorb a nontrivial amount of our make-up products.

It is quite natural to be pissed at your sponges almost drinking your expensive foundation.

And cleaning these tools isn't easy either.

You may need a special cleaner, white soap, or baby shampoo, but all of these make cleaning our tools more complicated than it should be. We have to wash and dry these so that they don't end up being a nest for bacteria.

There is a new product on the market for those who think "But where is the fun of make-up? Isn't there a better and easier way?"

Yes, its name is SiliSponge, aka Silicon Sponge.

At first sight, it looks like breast implants or gel pads placed in bras for extra support.

This item, which was developed by Molly Cosmetics from Hong Kong, promises to distribute your makeup products perfectly and evenly thanks to its soft structure.

As its absorbs nothing at all, this product also promises maximum concealing with minimal amount of foundation.

Thanks to these properties, it is getting ready to compete with the biggest players in the makeup world.

Because it is made of silicon, it doesn't waste your products, it doesn't get stained and it doesn't allow any bacteria to grow and populate. Cleaning SiliSponge is also pretty easy, give it a fast and simple wash with soap and water.

However, we don't know if people will readily leave their ways that they are used to for years and jump into such a new product.

1. They claim that all kinds of face-specific products can be applied with the SiliSponge.

We don't know how people will react but SiliSponge surely looks fun to use!

SiliSponge, sold at $9.90, has been sold out, but it is possible to get one after the next re-stocking. 😊

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