Seeing Is Believing! 15 Things That'll Make You Doubt What You See!


People have done so many things in this world. We've done more bad than good, that's something we could all agree on but some of the things we've done are just plain hilarious. In history, we have lots of these. In this post, we put together some of them to show how far a joke could get or where concepts actually got their names from. Let's read them and have some fun!

1. A 34.5-mile (56-km) line can be drawn with a pencil.

2. The first female mayor of the United States was elected in 1887.

She was nominated by a group of men as a joke, but she became the mayor with more than 60% of the votes.

3. A woman in Ohio managed to not pay a parking ticket with a strange method.

The law lists several types of vehicles that cannot be parked longer than 24 hours, including a "motor vehicle camper," with the comma missing between "vehicle" and "camper."

Ms. Cammelleri said her pickup truck did not fit that definition.

4. A 14-year-old girl in North Korea drowned in the floodwaters while trying to save a photograph of her leaders.

5. In 1965, a four-year-old boy, who was about to drown, was rescued by a woman named Alice Blaise.

Years later, the same boy saved another man from drowning on the same beach. This guy was Alice Blaise's husband.

6. They asked George Clooney if he would play in a gay role and he replied, "I already played Batman."

7. The Mail service Hotmail is named after the initials it contains, HTML. HoTMaiL.

8. In 2016, thousands of citizens signed petitions for the retired porn star Mia Khalifa to become the US ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

9. Ray Bradbury, the writer of Fahrenheit 451, had such a poor childhood that he had to wear his dead uncle's suit in his high school prom.

What makes this story interesting is that his uncle was shot to death and his suit had a bullet hole in it.

10. Schrödinger believed that his famous cat was neither dead nor alive.

He conducted this experiment to make fun of the absurdity of the quantum mechanics.

11. Pennywise, the horrible clown we know from Stephen King's "It," appears every 27 years. His first film debuted in 1990 ...

12. It turns out that the black stone that an Australian family used for years as a door-block was actually a 733-carat black diamond.

13. Russian King Peter III of Russia was not Russian. He didn't speak Russian and hated Russian culture.

He was disenthroned by coup made by his wife. The wife who took over the throne was Catherine the Great, the longest female emperor on the throne.

14. In Honduras, 3 banana companies overthrew the government and that's where the concept ''Banana Republic'' comes from.

15. The existence of donut-shaped planets is theoretically possible.
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