Reading Women's Body Language: 23 Ways To Understand If She Is Into You!

> Reading Women's Body Language: 23 Ways To Understand If She Is Into You!

Just a head’s up, the stuff you are about to read are really general opinions. Don’t come whining when you find out your crush was not actually into you. Of course it’s important to read the signs and there are certain signs most girls use but then again, most girls do that. Maybe yours is much more special!


1. She catches your eyes meeting hers and she keeps doing that quite often…

2. If she’s not facing you, she smoothly moves her body and starts facing you.

3. She keeps a solid eye contact. She can’t literally take her eyes off you.

4. She asks a lot of questions to you. Doesn’t matter if you are one on one or with your friends. She just pins you down with all these questions.

5. She wants to be physically closer to you. If there’s a seat closer to you, she will choose that.

6. She can start a conversation with the most unexpected things. “The music is too loud.” “Hmm not enough lighting here don’t you think?” “What time is it?” “Is there something on my hair?”

7. She plays with her hair as she talks to you. A bit out there, but still works at points.

8. Sometimes she secretly compliments. This can even be saying you are different.

9. She gets touchy while laughing at your jokes. Sometimes touching your arm, back.

10. She says “Me too!” to many things you say.

11. She never allows the conversation to die. She keeps changing the subject if it’s dying down.

12. She will definitely want to know if you are seeing someone. Just look out for the signs.

13. She will observe your reactions after she does something. She will look at you deeply.

14. She will want to establish a certain familiarity, connection even.

15. If they are around, she will introduce her friends with you.

16. She will stay with you if her friends go out for a smoke etc.

17. She will be the most talkative one when you join them. Don’t worry, it’s usually to express her interest.

18. Don’t be surprised if you get a nickname by the end of the conversation.

19. She will come up with reasons to spend more time alone with you.

20. She won’t tell you to back off if you are closer to her. IF she does, that means you crossed the line.

21. She will avoid talking about her love life for sure.

22. If she needs to leave before you do, she will definitely find and say they are leaving.

23. Or she will ask what will you be up to before they are off. Ways of saying goodbye.

We know these are very vague but they are also pretty accurate at certain points.

Don’t try to understand all of their moves or even comment them harshly. Consider all of them as a whole. Just because she looked at you or she accidentally touched you, don’t go all sexy mode. Don’t forget, all these points we made are a whole. She needs to do at least half of them to truly express her interest. Each of these on their own probably means nothing. So don’t make us explain these any further and start acting more carefully.