People Sharing The Spectacular Change of Their Bodies They Had Been Dreaming After Their Gender Reassignment Surgery

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Instead of living in a body where they are not happy, they followed their dreams...


1. "4 years of transition and I am, finally, the real me"

2. "My first time posting here (be nice) 😊 2.5 years HRT & FFS (March 21) 44 years old"

3. "Did I do the timeline thing right? 🌺"

4. "From looking at this sub as a child to 2 years of HRT, I'm back to say it IS possible!"

5. "30 years old, +11 months HRT vs -7 years. Still a long way to go, but it's better late than never."

6. "Left is 2019, Right is Yesterday - 18 Months HRT"

7. "Two years difference 🥰 I love hrt"

8. "I’m homeless, so don’t look at my windows lol but at least I look good? MTF (26) 20 months HRT (boy pics are pre HRT)"

9. "27 mtf, 0 vs 13 months hormones + FFS 😇"

10. "0 months vs 5 months HRT ,Rino/ hairline/laser, and learning to use leave in conditioner."

11. "Mtf, 3+ yrs hrt, started after 30"

12. "I still get dysphoric, but looking back at old pictures makes me appreciate how far I’ve come. Close to 3 years HRT"

13. "So estrogen is pretty rad. (Pics 1 year apart, ∼5 months HRT)"

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