Old Pictures Of Celebrities Reveal Their Most Awkward Times


Ahh those were the best times.

Source: https://thechive.com/2019/03/25/celebrit...

1. "A young Adele with a ‘Spice Girls’ obsession."

2. "Mindy Kaling rehearsing for the musical ‘Rags’ in high school."

3. "Nicole Richie (left) and Rashida Jones (right)."

4. "Hugh Jackman with his track team."

5. "Allison Brie rocking headgear."

6. "Amanda Seyfried (right) with her older sister on the beach."

7. "Penelope Cruz (left) with her little sister."

8. "John Stamos in the 70’s."

9. "Jamie Lee Curtis in some very 80’s fashion."

10. "Cindy Crawford in her high school cheerleading pyramid."

11. "Dan Levy and his little sister at her birthday party in the 90’s."

12. "Kacey Musgraves rocking out back in the day."

13. "Marisa Tomei in the early 90’s."

14. "Chris Pratt as a toddler, looking a hell of a lot like Chucky."

15. "Mandy Moore modeling in the 90’s."

16. "Justin Theroux at 14."

17. "Elizabeth Banks at 14."

18. "Emma Watson posing for an old headshot."

19. "Tom Hardy when he was a student at the Drama Centre London back in the 90’s."

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