Nude Make-Up Trend Is Growing To Save Us From Heavy Make-Up


The cosmetics sector has grown a lot thanks to Instagram and YouTube. A professional application that would take years to learn before, can now be mastered with a video. This means 'more': more products, more method, more options. This is how the make-up craze has reached its peak.

But we come bearing good news, there is a new trend: nude make-up look.

We are more than used to seeing excessive make-up on Instagram and YouTube.

Bases, foundations, layers of concealers, contours, illuminators, applying multiple eyeshadows on each other, fake eyelashes, eyeliners, bronzers, dark lipsticks... Even writing about them takes too long, yet there are people who apply such kind of make-up daily.

It is difficult to quit heavy make-up, once one gets used to it and that wide variety of products.

But we have reached the last point in the make-up department. The next step would be just too much, maybe even too much for the stage.

The make-up artists who realized and accepted that there couldn't be much to add to the daily the make-up look, came up with another trend.

Nude/natural make-up.

We aren't talking about a completely make-up free look.

On the contrary, there is make-up involved, but it just looks more natural.

This look only requires a thin concealer to hide the flaws, nothing more.

Contouring is not applied at all. A powder and eyeshadow that is a couple of tones darker than the natural skin color is applied lightly.

There is no colorful, funky business when it comes to eyeshadows. If a color will be involved, only one color and kind of eyeshadow is applied on the eyelid.

There is no eyebrow filling, and if there are gaps present, an eyebrow that is of the same color as your eyebrow is used to complete your eyebrows to achieve a natural look.

Instead of randomly filling your eyebrows, you can use your eyebrow pencil and draw vertical lines to give it a natural look.

One layer of mascara and a lipstick close to your lip color and you are done!

You can of course use blush and illuminator as long as you don't overdo it.

And soon, we will see together if this new trend can replace the hardcore make up trend.
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