Mum Made The Funniest Mistake You've Ever Seen When Selling Wardrobe Online!


A mum has become viral after she shared a photo of wardrobe online. Let's see can you spot what's wrong with the photo?


A mother made a hilarious mistake while trying to sell a wardrobe online and it has become an unexpected viral sensation after her daughter posted a snap of her efforts online.

Can you spot what's wrong with the photo?

Julie took a photo of the furniture while topless, and caught in the mirror on the wall directly in front of her.

Julie explained: 'I have put a wardrobe photo up to sell and a lady has messaged me to say she can see my boobs in the mirror.'

Sophie Eke shared her mother's funny mistake and it gone viral, people were crying with laughter!

Sophie's tweet about the mistake has now gone viral with 74,000 likes and 20,000 shares...

When she realizes that she was caught topless in the mirror, she replied: 'OMG I'm mortified. Thanks you so much. I think I will have to delete the whole post.'

Thousands of others have shared their appreciation for Julie's efforts with many sympathising...

And some people says that it's the kind of mistake they would likely make themselves!

Twitter users found the blunder hilarious and were crying with laughter over Julie's mishap!

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