Meet The “Rich Kids of Britain” Who Are Not Sorry For Flaunting It!


The “Rich Kids” craze on Instagram doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. This time, it’s the Rich Kids of Britain! These kids take showing it off to a whole new level: private yachts, luxury handbags, outrageous holidays, quaffing champagne beside turquoise swimming pools… It all goes on display on the famous Instagram account which has more than 93k followers!

1. A private breakfast in a private movie theatre in a private swimming pool for a private lady.

2. “Today I’ll polish my own nails. On this Louis Vuitton box.”

3. Waiting for a ride to the sea, I guess.

4. Natalie Halcro

5. “I wouldn’t even get my tan under the same sun with you, peasants!”

6. Hard choices...

7. Some of them have private jets, obviously.

8. And some have private spaceships. Or whatever this is.

9. Some prefer helicopters.

10. Did you notice that they’re all extremely good looking? Of course you did.

11. Ok maybe not all of them.

12. “My car flies, my plane walks. Because why not.”

13. “Let’s see how many more screens I can fit into this car.”

14. “Looking down on you. Literally”.

15. “Being rich is no picnic, I can tell you. OK maybe sometimes it is.”

16. “Just checking out my cars while I’m having my morning coffee. In my robe. Problem? ”

17. "My watch buys your house. My car buys your neighborhood.”

18. When walking is good for your health, but not for your £357486759 hair.

19. When you have a private jet but you take the picture of the watch instead because that’s how humble you are.

20. When they prepare a wonderful breakfast but you lick your finger instead because you always taste better than anything.

21. “My water is better than your water.”

22. “Guess I’ll do this on my own this time. So this is how peasants get off their private jets?”

23. When you need a bigger room for your birthday surprises.


25. "Sorry not sorry"

26. Ace...

27. Wish I had thought this through...

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