Legendary Viking Ruler Ragnar Lodbrok In 19 Steps!


We mostly have become familiar with him thanks to the TV series 'Vikings.' He f*cked sh*t up in the 9th century, gave a real hard time to Paris and England, had visions, and was very brave. The king of Denmark and Sweden, stout-hearted Ragnar Lodbrok was described in many sagas. And this is, of course, not all that there is to him. Here is some more information from the historical facts and the portrayals in the series:

1. Ragnar, whose exact birth date is unknown, was a brave, sly, daring and intelligent warrior.

2. His expeditions in England and France, and the fight he put up to be the king of Denmark, are clear signs that he had a vision.


3. Although he and his wife Lagertha got separated, he was a good husband and father.

4. Although in some legends it is said that he was scared of being overshadowed by his sons, Ivar and Björn, he was actually a humble person, doing everything he could, no matter how small or big the task was.

5. Ragnar, who is claimed to come from Odin, was partially a religious person; however he never disrespected other religions. He was actually very tolerant.

6. However, we can't not mention that he planned most of his attacks on Sunday, when everybody was in church services.


So he was also kinda sneaky.

7. He made lots of people miserable with his very agile, fast, strong, and dedicated soldiers.

8. His intelligence had a great role in his success.


9. He kept his promises. He demanded ransom for not plundering the cities and killing the residents. When he got paid, he really didn't harm anything.


However, we know many villains who caused great damage even after getting the ransom. Ragnar wasn't like that.

10. Even in the hardest times, he never stopped putting that heart-warming smile of his on his face.


11. And don't be fooled by his wild looks. He had a very kind heart.


12. However, he was also notorious for picking on the locations that he attacked once


Once he got used to a place, he never let it go. He rested and attacked, and constantly repeated these steps.

13. The Normans we know from history, are actually a gift from Ragnar to history.

In France, Ragnar's tribe was called Nordmenn, Northmen, Norsemen, which all mean 'people from North," and this is how the word 'Normans' has lived on.

14. Moreover, the region of Normandy, which we are familiar with, is where these guys settled in and lived.


15. Ragnar's brother Rollo, who we are also familiar with, spent his life in Normandy.

16. Ragnar was captured and executed in a snake pit, by the king of Northumbria, Aelle, whose character we all despise in the series.

17. It is said that he mumbled the following ballad in the snake pit:

It is so nice to know that Odin is setting the feast table for me.

We will soon be drinking wine from curved horns.

A warrior who comes to Odin's Valhalla doesn't complain.

I won't go near him with words of fear in my mouth

Aesir will greet me. The death will come without mourning.

I desire my death now. 

The disir call me home,

The Valkyries sent by Odin

On the high bench, boldly, 

I’ll drink beer with the Aesir; 

Hope of life is lost now, 

Laughing shall I die!

18. Had he been forgotten? His son Ivar avenged him by attacking Northumbria and capturing Aelle.

And in this photo, we see Ivar the Boneless.

19. And he was killed by Blodørn (Blood Eagle) torture that we know from an episode of the series.

Bonus 1 - Blood Eagle, or as it is known in the old Scandinavian language, Blodørn, is a kind of execution by the Vikings.

The condemned prisoner would have their spine column exposed and then their ribs severed from the spine and pulled open (to resemble wings). Finally, the lungs were exposed (and in some instances covered in salt) to complete the torture and lead to the death of the prisoner.

Bonus 2 - The bust of Lobdbrok in Frederiksborg castle in Denmark

Bonus 3 - A drawing depicting Ragnar Lodbrok

Bonus 4 - A depiction of Ragnar and his second wife, Aslaug

Bonus 5 - The Rollo statue in Normandy

Bonus 6 - The "Blodørn" torture in Viking epigraphs

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