Interesting And Chilling Facts About The Titanic Disaster


100 years have passed since the Titanic disaster and there are still mysteries left unresolved. You've probably heard about the book that was written years before the Titanic incident happened.  We focused on this story and collected all the interesting facts about the sunken ship, The Titanic.

Morgan Robertson's Book

Morgan Robertson wrote a book in 1898, which was exactly 14 years before the Titanic incident. The accident shows certain similarities with Robertson's books, both Futility and The Wreck of the Titan. The ship named Titan, in Robertson's book, is described as 248 meters long and sails from the Southhampton harbor. Titanic sailed from the same harbor and it is 252 meters long.

Both Titanic and the ship in the book have 3 screws. In Robertson's book, Titan collides with an iceberg and 1,500 people lose their lives. Interestingly, the Titanic hit an iceberg, and the collision caused 1,514 people to lose their lives. The similarities are really interesting. Back then, Robertson's book didn't catch a lot of attention.

Weird resemblances

These similarities are not limited to Robertson's book only. Way before Robertson's book, William Thomas Stead wrote a book that exactly told the story of the fate of the Titanic. On From the Old World to the New, Stead told the story of a ship that is sunk by hitting an iceberg. The installation of the Titanic was not even considered when this story was published. Titanic's installation began years after this story, in 1909. The ship was completed in 1912.

What caused this accident?

The Titanic had the capacity to carry 3,547 passengers. However, the ship's limited number of lifeboats could only carry 1,178 of the passengers. The Titanic was a huge ship and it consumed a lot of energy to sail. The engines of the ship needed 159 coal furnaces to properly work. Was Titanic loaded with enough coal before sailing? Steel was a sturdy material used to make swords. However, steel is also a fragile material. Was using steel to build the Titanic a wise decision?

Another Interesting Detail

The Titanic had 4 massive chimneys. Rumor is that the 4th chimney never worked properly. In other words, the 4th chimney was not connected to any vessels or coal furnaces. The 4th chimney was only built to complete the symmetrical look of the ship.

Captan Edward John Smith

It's still not clear that Captan John Smith played a role in this accident. Smith was an experienced sailor who had a good education. He managed to sail a ship from Cherbourg to Queenstown successfully before sailing on the ocean. The White Star company had high expectations from Captain Smith. There were warnings about icebergs before the accident happened, however this information was not reported to the Captain properly. For that reason, it would be unfair to consider the Captain as the sole cause of the accident.

Everything was against the Titanic's fate

Everything went wrong for the Titanic on the night of the accident. For starters, it was pretty dark and there was no moonlight. The Titanic was getting closer and closer to the surface of the iceberg. The ocean was calm and there wasn't any wind. All of these factors made it impossible for the crew to notice the iceberg. The largest passenger ship was careening into a disaster without even noticing.

Was the Titanic cursed from the beginning?

After the Titanic incident, the books of William Stead and Morgan Robertson gained great importance, as they foresaw the fate of the ship. It is claimed that the Titanic was cursed from the beginning and that is the reason why the company didn't baptize the ship. Another claim is that the ship was built in Belfast, which was home to a lot of perverse cults. Another theory is that the number 390904 on the ship can be read as No Pope from reverse. In reality, Titanic's number was 401.

Brief summary and the result

The Titanic incident happened over 100 years ago. The accident took 1,514 innocent people's lives. The remains of the ship were discovered after 73 years by Robert Ballard. The discovery brought the Titanic back into the spotlight. The remains of the sunken ship have been steadily extracted since 1986. The head of the ship weighed around 44,000 tons and it seems impossible to extract all of the remains from the deep sea.

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