How Perception Of Male Beauty Changed In The Last Century!


The perception of beauty can not be seperated from time. As the world changes each day, the beauty ideals are constantly shaped and transformed. These photos show how the beauty standard of men changed and evolved over the last 100 years!

***This article was originally published on Bright Side.

1. 1900s

The era of wrestlers and strongmen

2. 1910s

The era of pure elegance and gentleman

3. 1920s

The era of sleek hair and tired effortless looks

4. 1930s

The era of sexy mustaches

5. 1940s

The era of military masculinity

6. 1950s

The era of open sexuality

7. 1950s

The era of rebellious spirit

8. 1960s

The era of outrageous sexuality

9. 1960s

The era of freedom of self-expression

10. 1970s

The era of pumping iron

11. 1980s

The era of athletic beauty

12. 1990s

The era of the grunge wave

13. 2000s

The era of the metrosexual millenium

14. 2010s

The era of careless hipsters

15. Today

The era of the lumbersexuality

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