Fidget Spinners Are Mistaken For Sex Toys And Are On The Top Of The Search List According To Pornhub


Fidget spinners. They are the new thing of 2017. They are everywhere, almost in every single country. A lot of people are using it and there are many videos about it. This may come as a surprise to you but a lot of people think that this stress relieving device is actually a sex toy! That's right, according to pornhub the search results are pretty interesting.


Fidget spinners! They're all the rage right now and they're pretty cool toys.

It was popular in the '90s but has made a comeback in 2017.

But apparently some people have mistaken the gadget for a sex toy. And by some people, I mean a couple million of them.

Yep, people have been searching for fidget spinner porn. Of course.🙈

According to Pornhub, in May the term "fidget spinner" was actually the top trending term of the month and the fifth-most popular search, raking in over 2.8 million searches in 10 days.

Something freaky went down on 16 May because searches went through the goddamn roof. And as the graph shows, searches had a 282% increase altogether!

Naturally, the 18-24 age category had the real kink for fidget spinners, and were 186% more likely to search for the toy porn. And finally, according to Pornhub, women were 19% more likely to search for it.


Now, I can never look at fidget spinners as the same way...
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