Feeling Lonely Is The Worst! 16 Photos of People Expressing Their Loneliness


Loneliness effects everyone in different ways and it happens to everyone!

1. Relateable.

2. This man found his stolen dog:

3. How can you say "No" to this!

4. It's a tradition:

5. “My brother told me he was going to Spain and sent me this the next day.”

6. “One time I saw a cute girl, so I tied a balloon to her so I could find her later when I was brave enough to say hi.”

7. "He just wanted to watch the game with his family..."

8. Support system:

9. “I don’t even know if Nala realizes this, but it hurts my heart.”

10. What!?

11. “He’s no longer here, but she still gives him some space.”

Sorry, your editor is crying at work rn.

12. Awww!

13. "Hey! What about Tigger?"

14. “Nobody showed up for Etta’s birthday party.”

15. “He really thought he could get a response this way.”

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