Can You Find The Female Body’s Most Mysterious G-Spot?


The G-spot is maybe the most wondered and mysterious part of the human body. 

Since it’s related to sexuality and the easiest way to reach orgasm, it seems like it’ll continue to be the thing that people wonder about the most. 

Let’s see if you’re gonna be able to find the G-spot!

Let's start!

1. What does the word ‘sex’ mean to you?

2. What does this image bring to mind?

A bat
Two seahorses
Two bugs

3. How would you complete the sentence?

is to be patient, passionate, dreamy, alone, happy and to take the risk of being alone.
Means who arms around you, it’s to lose oneself.
A soft good night kiss, it’s compassion.
Is the defect that doesn’t bother you, it is to acknowledge.

4. What’s the right sex position for G-spot to be stimulated?

Side by side positions.
Standing positions.
When men are on top.
When women are on top.

5. Do you know the hormone that causes you to talk a lot after having an orgasm?


6. Complete this sentence!

-Is not to say “Let’s have sex.” Sex is to understand.
-Seeing a brand new side of someone that you think you know of. Sex is new things.
-is to stretch your arms and to explore the true meaning of “pain”. Sex is a lesson to be learned about human fragility.
-A massage that starts from neck and ends behind the knees. Sex is to discover.

7. Do you know the average duration of an orgasm?

8. After all these questions, what does sexuality mean to you?

9. Finally, which color does this image bring to mind?

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Where are you at, dude? You better focus and start searching for it!

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Almost there, come on! Try it one more time!


You can find the G-spot in conversations before you even reach intercourse. In the breath, in the little touches. The thing is, even though most men can be ready to have sex when they see a woman in her underwear, it’s not the same for women. For them, sexuality starts at the conversation before the bedroom with soft touches, little kisses, and whisperings. In short, you can find the G-spot with your mind and love, not with your hands. 

Never forget that our "biggest and most important" sex organ is our brains.

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