Can People And Robots Have Deep Relationships In The Future?


The future of robots is a topic discussed very much lately. We have many questions in our heads whether they will be smarter than us, and if they are, will they battle against us?

The most interesting question is whether we'll be able to have romantic relationships with them one day.

Let's take a look at summer of 2014.

Some may remember that a spacecraft named ''Philae'' landed on a comet but had to be put to sleep due to some technical problems. After this incident, we witnessed many people getting sad, some people crying for a robot that they had never seen and which was millions of miles away.

So how can it be a robot that has no emotions whatsoever can effect us like this?

This is one of the problems that scientists are trying to figure out.

If we can feel sorrow for a robot, it doesn't seem crazy at all that they can make us have other feelings too.

Well, according to some scientific estimates, this has already started on a small scale. In fact, it is thought that 3 years later there will be very strong bonds between humans and robots

In the near future, robots will do everything we want and tell us everything we want to hear.

They will observe some emotional and physical symptoms we have and maybe know how to react before we even say something. Long story short, they will be designed in such a way that they will do anything to make us feel better.

Can this relationship turn into something beyond getting sad over a robot?

Most probably, yes. Sex robots are becoming a hot topic. Though it does sound strange, there are many people who are aroused by robots. And it seems like they can't even control this. For example, in an experiment, a group of people were sat in front of a robot taking turns. Then the robot asked the people to start touching its thighs, breasts, and vagina.

Throughout the process, the behaviors of these people were observed and 90% of them felt aroused after they touched the robot's special body parts.

According to the results, people give the same reactions to robots as they would to real human beings. Researchers think that, though they don't have any emotions, brains or hearts because they look like humans, people first feel embarrassment, then they feel aroused.

It seems that, by the year 2050, people will prefer to have sex with a robot than a real person.

In fact, it is thought that in Red Light District, Amsterdam, only 9 years later in 2025, there will be sex robots everywhere.

It is predicted that robots will be more successful in forming emotional relationships.

When you think about it, if you knew someone who would constantly tell you what you wanted to hear, how attractive and great you were and was willing to spend all his/her time trying to fulfill your demands and make you happy, you would probably feel something towards that person.

It's predicted that, by the year 2100, robots will be walking among us and taking part in everyday life, like regular people.

They even think that there will be institutions to protect the rights of robots.

We'll ask you a final question and leave you alone with your thoughts:

Imagine you have a cute little robot that you got for free and it did everything you wanted for a month. A month later, if you were told to throw it away and were given a new one in return, could you do it without giving much thought? Or, would you have some feelings towards it? The future of robots and humans lay in the answer to this question.

How would you feel if you were told to throw away a cute little robot that did everything you wanted for a month?

I wouldn't feel anything. It's just a robot.
I would get sad actually.
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