Busted! Women Catch Their Unfaithful Boyfriends While Being Filmed On Secret Cameras

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One of the most difficult things in a relationship is to build trust. Now there’s a YouTube channel that makes it possible to test your partner’s loyalty: “To Catch A Cheater.”  While they’re filming the whole thing, you can watch your partner online as they’re flirting with complete strangers. There are several shocking stories, but here are 3 of the saddest ones that show how some people has no respect for their relationships, at all.

Here’s a girl’s reaction to her Singaporean boyfriend being caught cheating.

An actress approaches him to ask for an address, and then asks if he has a girlfriend. He, without hesitating for a second, says “no.”

On the right, you see the girlfriend. 

She asks his number, and he gives it to her.

She asks if he has a girlfriend again and again, but the answer is the same: “no.”

And then this couple who met only 15 seconds ago, hug each other goodbye. The girlfriend who has been watching the whole thing on a computer screen is just shocked, as you can see...

This one is a bit more disturbing. The guy being tested is a computer technician. An actress invites him to her home to fix her broken computer.

After talking about the computer for a while the actress says she’s a dancer and then asks him if he’d like to watch a private performance.

When the topic is no longer the computers or technology, his girlfriend you see on the right is starting to feel a lot more distressed.

After the guy says he doesn’t have a girlfriend, he wants to learn if she has a boyfriend...

He wants it to be a secret, and we kind of know why…

Our last story about a “gamer” guy. The “To Catch a Cheater” team organizes a fake interview with him…

At one point the cameraman leaves the scene to change the camera lens and our guy immediately asks if he can add the girl on Instagram.

While they’re checking out each other’s Instagram accounts the interviewer asks who she is, pointing to a photo of his girlfriend. His answer is: MY SISTER!

He doesn’t even have a sister… He shows off his tattoos, and tells her he can also cook…

By the way, his girlfriend is in the same place with them, watching everything online as it’s happening. And of course, at some point she can’t take this anymore...

The rest, is well, just shows how unbelievable the guy is. After his girlfriend asks him furiously what he’s been up to, he blames her for being rude! Another relationship ends as a result of unfaithfulness.

So here’s your lesson people. Cheating is not cool…

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