Body Language Experts Go Over Trump's Highly Anticipated Inauguration!


Trump's long-awaited inauguration ceremony happened yesterday. Body language expert Patti Wood, who took a look at the key players during the inauguration on Friday and revealed to how they were really feeling on the big day.

Scroll down for Wood's detailed and insightful body language analysis.


Hillary Clinton appeared 'fearful' before making her entrance at inauguration on Friday says body language expert Patti Wood, pointing to how her body froze

As for her private moments with her husband, Wood said that they were 'very formal' and 'lacked warmth,' pointing out the wooden manner in which Bill gripped his wife's arm.

Clinton also did her other standard move of looking off in the distance and putting on her 'painted smile' said Wood, which is 'all show'.

Meanwhile, the relationship between Barack and Michelle Obama is just as perfect as it appears based on their body language said Wood.

That dynamic is not at play in Donald and Melania's relationship though said Wood, based on what she saw Friday.

She pointed out that when the couple arrived to meet the Obamas, Donald exits the car and bounds up the stairs to greet Barack and Michelle, while leaving Melania to her own devices.

'Notice how Obama went out of his way to greet Melania and bring her up and into the "picture," said Wood.

She went on to say about the Obamas: 'They were aware that she was nervous and so they give her a warm smile and help her.'

Melania appeared to immediately compliment Melania's look on Friday while Trump gave a thumbs up.

The two women appeared to be the best of friends despite just meeting briefly in the past.

And then they even have their own moment, when both Barack and Michelle put their arms around Melania and walk her inside the White House.

'Trump is at ease when he is greeting Obama. His face is relaxed and open,' said Wood. 'This is an indication of respect, and shows that he has no desire to dominate.'

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