Blackout Tattoos Are Here And They Are Cool AF!


You all wondered if that tattoo of Twenty One Pilots' is a real one or just a paint right? Sad truth, that's not an actual tattoo. But then there are people out there with tattoos exactly like those and it's the new f.cking thing! Oh boi I want one!

It requires a long time and precise action to create this art.

It's a painful process as well. But it's totally worth it!

Check out some amazing works

A photo posted by @harrizuno on

A photo posted by C H E S T E R (@oddtattooer) on

More pics of Holly's work...#freethenipple

A photo posted by ROXX (@roxx_____) on

A photo posted by ROXX (@roxx_____) on

Tim Commerford, ex-Rage Against The Machine bass player, did it before it was cool!

You fall in love, you lose!

A photo posted by Monami Frost (@monamifrost) on

Bonus: A Q&A with Monami Frost on her black arm tattoo

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