An Eye-Opening Q&A Session With A Leading Plastic Surgeon!


When Dr. Youn volunteered himself to take part in a question and answer session on Reddit, hundreds jumped at the opportunity to ask him 'anything'.


This is Dr. Anthony Youn, a Michigan based plastic surgeon who really has seen it all!

During his 16 years as a plastic surgeon, he has has reconstructed and enhanced over 5000 faces, breasts, and bodies!

Dr. Youn was very straightforward when asked his opinion of parents seeking cosmetic surgery for their children.

He replied "I would say that the parent should see a therapist and/or have someone slap him/her."

He added: 'I don't perform cosmetic procedures on anyone under 18. I have performed breast reductions on teenage girls with really, really large breasts and back pain though.'

"You have major problems!"

"I once had a parent call to make an appointment for her son. She was Korean and claimed her son wanted Asian eyelid surgery (to make an extra fold to look more Caucasian). He was only seven! I told her she had major problems and I would never do that to him!"

Human fat as "Biofuel"!

One user asked if anyone ever tried "to pull a "Fight Club" and steal fat." Dr Youn wrote: "There was once a doc in LA who claimed to use his patients' liposuctioned fat to power his car. He called it "Biofuel." The only car I know of that could run on Biofuel was the old AMC Pacer pieces of crap. Anyways, his office was raided by the cops and last I heard he fled to South America!"

'I've had a lot of people ask me for wings,'

Many Redditors were keen to know what the 'craziest' surgery request Dr Youn has received is.

"I've had a lot of people ask me for wings," he replied. "Like, to turn them into the X-Men character The Angel. And they believe it's possible.  And the next craziest thing someone asked for was to look like Kim Kardashian.'

"You can't always change what God gave you."

As a plastic surgeon who has operated on thousands of patients, he also had some patients who have been unhappy with the results. He claims he honestly tried to do anything reasonable to make it better, if it's possible to improve it. 

He says "The problem comes when it's not possible to improve it. Sometimes people have BDD(Body Dysmorphic Disorder) and have a skewed, unrealistic view of how they look. These are the most difficult cases."

And he adds "You can't always change what God gave you." 

Although he has never been sued, he believes it will happen eventually. He wrote "It's the unfortunate nature of medicine nowadays. :-("

Beauty tips from the expert...

These were his advice when he was asked about the easiest and most cost effective ways to improve beauty: 

1. Limit your sugar intake. Sugar is the worst food for your skin. 

2. Apply a Vitamin A cream before bed (tretinoin (prescription strength) or retinol) 

3. Exfoliate your skin 2-3 times per week.

"I've used leeches to save nipples that were about to die"

Another Redditor asked Dr Youn about the 'wildest thing' he has experienced during his successful career. He replied:

"I've used leeches to save nipples that were about to die, I've counseled women who had industrial strength silicone injected into them in hotel rooms, I've seen maggot infested wounds, I almost got lice from a patient, I've seen genital warts the size of cauliflower heads, and have had patients hit on me, ask to set me up with their children (I'm married), threaten to hit me with their car, and ruin my career so that the only people who would let me operate on them are "the whores!" Seriously."

"The work I am the most proud of"

"Honestly, I'm most proud of the hundreds and hundreds of people I've got off cigarettes. I give them a choice: smoking or plastic surgery. Almost all of them choose plastic surgery."

Celebrity beauty trends...

When he got asked what was the craziest celebrity beauty trend he has heard of, he wrote:

"There are lots of them! Reportedly Demi Moore underwent leech therapy many years ago!"

Future of plastic surgery...

He thinks the trends are all towards not having surgery. "The numbers of people undergoing actual surgery is rising very slowly, whereas the number of people undergoing nonsurgical procedures (Botox, filler, lasers, IPL, radiofrequency, chemical peels, etc.) has exploded. This is definitely the future of plastic surgery: looking better without actual surgery!"

"Is your life at all, like the tv show Nip/Tuck?"

One redditor asked if his life is at all, like the TV show Nip/Tuck. Dr. Youn's response was hillarious: 

"Yes, it's exactly like Nip/Tuck. I saw one episode of that show where one of the doctors killed someone and got in a fight and attacked the other person with a syringe of Botox. He ended up losing the fight and had the Botox injected into his face instead, leaving it droopy and funny-looking. These things happen to me all the time!"

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