Amazing Sex Tips According To Zodiac Signs


Do you believe in astrology ? Well, believe or not, the characteristics of signs come into action when having sex. They all have different factors that seduce them. If you're curious about what they are, there are some details down below.

1. Aries: They don't know what getting tired is!

An Aries male is a little bit away from being emotional in bed but never disappoints their partners. Clothes and colors are two of the most important factors that make them happy in bed.

An Aries female is an enemy of romance in bed. She has so much energy that you can just leave everything to her and she'll know what to do.

2. Gemini: They're unpredictable

A Gemini male likes to be hyperactive in bed, just like in real life. Doing the same things all the time isn't for him. The thing he likes the most is change and surprise.

A Gemini female finds romanticism really boring. It takes time to arouse her because you have to persuade her first. She loves talking in bed.

3. Cancer: There's nothing more natural than sex!

A Cancer male is really emotional. If he's in love with a woman, this is enough for him to have the perfect love. If you're emotional, you'll win him over.

A Cancer woman is free where she feels comfortable. Her own bed, for example. To impress her, you have to be loyal first. Because having sex is as natural as drinking water for her.

4. Taurus: They love pleasure in bed.

A Taurus male likes classic things. They don't like one night stands and fast paced sex. Foreplay is really important for them.

A romantic ambiance and music alerts a Taurus female. If you don't provide these things in bed, you won't leave the bed happy.

5. Leo: They won't make a move untill you flatter them!

A Leo male likes being more active in bed. This is like a show off for them. They like to sit down and appreciate themselves after they have sex.

To impress a Leo female, you have to spoil her first. If you tell her the things you like and tell her how perfect she is, in return you'll have the night of a lifetime.

6. Virgo: If it's not going to be perfect, then it shouldn't happen at all!

A Virgo male cares so much about how everything should be perfect that you might feel like you're having sex with a robot. If you are able to calm him down, both sides will be happy.

A Virgo female is really obsessive about hygiene. If you aren't careful about this, don't go next to them.

7. Libra: You have to be compatible!

A Libra male will never have sex with a person he isn't compatible with 100%. He wants everything to fit together. In return, he compliments you a lot in bed.

A Libra woman has really high expectations in terms of aesthetics. First, she compares you to the handsome man figure in her head and then she checks her other criteria. If everything's ok, you won't find anyone more creative in bed than her.

8. Scorpio: They don't have any limits!

The biggest secret of a Scorpio male is that he puts aside his emotions in bed. They're usually afraid of falling in love. Because they're afraid in the other sense, they're really assertive in bed.

For a Scorpio female, sex has no time or place. They have a natural appeal for sex. Because they feel every emotion to their fullest, they like to be extraordinary in bed as well.

9. Sagittarius: Have sex and go away!

A Sagittarius male never stops thinking about sex. The fear of being seen and getting caught is a turn-on for them. But still, they don't have sex everywhere.  You can excite them even with your fantasies.

A Sagittarius female loves adventure. She'll do anything until she gets what she wants. When she gets what she wants, she gets bored and will disappear the second you turn your head. The best thing to do is not make her bored.

10. Capricorn: Trust comes first!

For a Capricorn male to have sex with a person, he has to trust her first. Even if they don't fall in love the first time, they will do so eventually. Because they're confused a lot, they never leave anything to chance. They never have sex without protection.

It's quite difficult to pick up a Capricorn female. Though they seem cold at first, they have unforgettable moments with people who they trust. Distance in sex is a characteristic for a Capricorn female.

11. Aquarius: Don't interfere with their freedom!

An Aquarius male usually has sex with women who he can also be friends with. That's why an intelligent woman for him is enough to be attracted. They don't like to be romantic. They have sex like they're solving a math problem.

An Aquarius woman is an explorer in bed just like in real life. They're not really passionate but they have creativity like no one else does. Sex is freedom for them. For them, intelligent men are more erotic than handsome men.

12. Pisces: They'd die to satisfy you!

Just because a Pisces male falls in love a lot doesn't mean he changes his partner every day. But they'll do whatever they can to satisfy you when you're together. They're not so exciting, but they sweat a lot to get to the end.

For a Pisces female, love comes first. She likes cute stuff in bed. If she thinks you deserve it, she'll do anything to make you happy. If you want to get close to her, don't be rude and make sure you prepare something romantic.

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