A Crazy Taiwanese Dancer Act: Would You Touch A Bride's Boobs For Money?!


Wedding parties tend to get crazy, we know. Too little too much drinking can result in certain "unwanted" situations. Clearly, this Taiwanese dancer wanted to make the best of such thing. 

A video of it was shared recently is shaking up the world. Anyone who's watched this video is shocked with this act. Words aren't enough to explain this.

The main idea of the video is this.

The incident happens at a wedding. Our hero is the bride. Co-stars are the relatives who were invited to the wedding.

If you wanna touch then you gotta pay!

Whoever pays, has the right to grab the bride's breasts. If you give less money, you just get to touch 'em and let the others in line have their turns. But if you pay a lot, you not only get to touch 'em but have the chance to kiss and put your head between them.

But why?

As you can see, the only reason is money. To go on a nice honeymoon, you need money. That's right, it's capitalism! We're all slaves to it. The bride sees no problem in getting her breasts touched and gather money for the honeymoon.

What really is this!

This is not something that's happened for the first time. It's apparently a Taiwanese transexual dancer's act. You see things like this over there, it's pretty normal. If you do the right search with the right words online, you can come across many videos like this one.

But why did this become viral and not the other ones?

Because if you watch the other videos, not many people are actually happy with this. And why should they? People you don't know or haven't seen for a long time come and grab your boobs. It's annoying. In the other videos, you can also see men act like animals and start harassing the bride in different ways. But in this one, the bride seems to be happy about it.

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