7 Funniest Illustrations Perfectly Sum Up Relationship Between IT Guy And ART Girl!

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Bonnie Pang is an artist who has a long term relationship and she illustrates her relationship with the IT guy!

Source: https://www.bonniepangart.com

1. Her series IT Guy & ART Girl are entirely based on the moments she shares with her partner!

2. “I have been creating comics since I was little maybe 6-7 years old, so I have been making comics for about 20 years now.” Bonnie said.

3. According to Bonnie, the best thing about creating comics is having all of the creative freedom and being able to interact with the readers.

4. "While I enjoy illustrating books and it supports my life, I still make comics even though they’re free. It’s a medium where I can freely share my values and thoughts, and connect with readers from all over the world.”

5. “When I started IT Guy & ART Girl, I thought no one would read it because there already had been so many great relationship comics out there,” she added.

6. “I didn’t expect so many people would relate to the series and the fact that there are quite a lot of other IT guy and ART girl couples."

7. Halloween costumes!

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