4 Scientifically Proven Ways For Women To Improve Attractiveness


''What should I wear today?'' is one of the most challenging questions for women.

Apart from fashion and personal preferences, science has some suggestions for you to improve your attractiveness. All of them are proven!!

1. Red is our color!

You shouldn’t dress all in red, of course. But studies at Rochester University revealed that the color red tends to increase attraction.

Studies have shown that men perceive women who wear red as sexier.

Red lipstick can also boost your level of attractiveness!

Apart from the way you dress, another thing that enhances men’s attention is dressing your lips in red.

2. Wear skin-tight dresses.

Researchers at Victoria University, New Zealand had found that skin-tight dresses that show off your curves are more impressive than any other dress.

Dresses that emphasize the hip to waist ratio will definitely get his attention.


3. High heels!

High heels..  But seriously high heels.

You know their power..

High heels will emphasize your calves and hips.

High heels will both boost your attractiveness and complete your outfit.

4. Sleeveless.. Sleeveless everything..

A study by the University of New South Wales says that sleeveless tops are everything you need.

Okay, maybe it doesn’t say exactly that..

But one thing is for sure: Sleeveless tops are definitely more appealing!

Science can prove many other things like this..

But you should never forget that confidence and peace of mind are the most attractive things a woman can have.

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