33 World Maps They Didn’t Teach You At School


If you feel like you haven’t learned the things that you actually care about at school, you’re not alone. Sure you can point to Europe or the USA on a map, but do you really know what’s really going on there?

Here are 33 of the most interesting and fun world maps that will really fulfill your desire to learn. Each one of them reveals a different fact about the world that will definitely surprise you!

1. Happiness Map

2. Hottest And Sexiest Women By Country

Dark green is for the hottest, and red is for the least hot women.

3. Red Hair Map of Europe

4. Most photographed places in the world

5. Average Breast Sizes By Country

6. Penis Size Worldwide

7. How Many Beers Will Minimum Wage Get You In Europe?

In Germany, you can buy 521 beers with minimum wage, FYI.

8. More People Live Inside This Circle Than Outside Of It

9. Metal Bands Per 100,000 People

10. Google Autocomplete Results: Europe - Why is (country) so ...?

11. Google Autocomplete Results: USA - Why is (state) so ...?

12. Google Autocomplete Results: Asia - Why is (country) so ...?

13. Countries Ranked By Emotional Tendencies

The yellow areas are the least emotional people; The purple areas indicate the countries with the most emotional people.

14. People In The EU, Aged 25-34, Who Still Live With Their Parents

15. Countries Where Homosexuality Is A Crime

16. Where To Be Born Index

17. 2% of Australia’s Population Lives In This Region

18. Highest-Paid U.S. Public Employees By State

19. Educational Backgrounds of World Leaders

20. How The World Would Look If Mapping Conventions Were Flipped Upside-Down

21. Most-Popular Type Of Alcoholic Beverage

22. The World According to Americans

23. Europe According to the USA

24. The World Divided Into Seven Regions, Each with a Population of One Billion

25. Every Country England Has Ever Invaded

All but 22 countries in the world...

26. Cigarettes Smoked Per Person

27. Global Distribution Of Atheists

28. Where People Feel The Most And Least Loved

29. Lactose Intolerance

30. The Most Popular Countries In The World To Visit

31. The Most-Listened-To Artist In Every U.S. State

Jay-Z can run for president.

32. The Most Famous Brand From Each State In The U.S.

33. Map of Countries Officially Not Using the Metric System

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