33 Pictures Of Molded Food That’ll Make You Burn The Whole Kitchen Down!


Mycophobia is a fear of fungus. Do you have it? How serious is it? Do you think you can get to the bottom of this page without gagging or getting the creeps? We’re warning you, if you hate mold, you’ll be disgusted by these 33 cringeworthy pictures!

1. Can you tell us your feelings about this hairy potato?

2. Or these kiwi slices?

3. Maybe this frosty-looking strawberry?

4. You gagging yet?

5. This whipped cream makes you wanna delete the internet, probably.

6. 😖😖😖

7. Is this lemon giving you goosebumps?

8. You'll never eat spaghetti, I suppose...

9. 😖😖

10. Do you see Satan's face in this can of corn?

11. Leftover monstrosity!

12. Do these spring rolls make you want to stop scrolling? 😔😔

13. And does this burger with fries have you questioning all of humanity? 😓


15. This is coffee, in case you couldn't recognize. ☕

16. 😑😐

17. Are you still there?

18. Here, take some hummus.

19. And this is an onion. For real!

20. 🍕😭

21. Can you handle having this sandwich on your screen?

22. Now I can hear you you screaming, "NOPEEEE!"

23. You can just cry a little.

24. Maybe we should stop.

25. But no. 😷😷😷

26. Hanging in there?

27. How about now?

28. 😩😩😩

29. Can you handle looking at what used to be a pumpkin pie?

30. Is this pastry cream grossing you out to the max?

31. 🍟🍔

32. Blueberry chia seed pudding. I know he's old now.

33. And finally, does this corn on the cob make you wanna light yourself on fire? 🌽



Article source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/balorusso/pictures-that-youll-hate-if-you-have-mycophobia?utm_term=.mb5WmmrOq#.xlKKPPrB4

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