30 DIY Organic Furniture To Make All Your Friends Jealous!


So you've decided to go fully organic huh? Eating all fair-trade stuff, fully organic veggies and cooking your own meals... Well guess what? You can easily go a step further and make your home look so much cooler! All you have to do is just start collecting all the dried branches and wood pieces you find around and spend some time in the garage!

1. Next time you're visiting the countryside, pick up all the stuff you find laying there near the forest, and put together a fancy new frame.

2. Go and get all the spare pieces from the nearest lumberjack. How Crate&Barrel is this?! And almost for free.

3. And what about this beautiful, organic chandelier?

Best to keep Sia and Maddie away from it, though...

4. Just go get the next log and put it against your wall, voila!

5. Just cut one 2-4 inches thick and put some metal underneath. There goes your brand new coffee table.

6. Apply some varnish, cut a small piece of glass, and put it in between two pieces, done!

7. Who needs Ikea when you have nature?

8. Oh, would you look at this? How elegant, how pastoral and natural...

9. This would cost $5 tops!

10. Either install the clock mechanism or keep it as it is hanging on the wall. Either way, bliss!

11. Drill the mid sized branches, install led lights in 'em, rinse and repeat until you lighten the whole place up.

12. How would you like some living room ornaments?

13. Living room zip zorps number 2!

14. Who says the railing has to be all smooth and metal?

15. They can basically become anything you want them to be!

16. How could you throw these beauties away?! For the love of God...

17. There's your new $1 hanger!

18. This amazing kitchen counter would cost at least a thousand bucks!

But if you work on it for 5 months, it's all yours and all DIY.

19. You can also put together a sink, if you're dedicated!

20. Wanna feel like Tarzan during your sleep?

21. One question though. How did you even carry it inside with all the dirt?!

22. How cool is this lighting?!

23. You won't find such decorative ideas elsewhere!

24. Or framing that perfect natural moment!

25. Minimalism, combined with organic and natural. Perfect!

26. That's how a book worm's bookcase should be!

27. Easy peasy.

28. The best way to customize your apartment without the landlord getting mad.

29. Get all the old oars you can!

30. If you can't buy, just do these! No one's judging!

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