28 Oddly Funny Photos That Will Break Your Brain!

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You'll be wanting to scream and run but also continue to scroll down.

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1. Kermeeth!

2. Sir, you really understand wrong the parent-child bonding I'm afraid so.

3. I always feel like, somebody's watching meee...

4. No eggs benedict for me anymore.

5. Ear-ressistible

6. Aquaman transformation initiated

7. Flush the fish not floss the fish.

8. Seriously, no eggs!

9. The one who came up with that should be locked in an asylum.

10. Teercing.

11. We love them, but SEPERATELY.

12. You sexy piece of foam!

13. Yosemite Sam, is that you?

14. Ummmm....?

15. "No,I'm not gonna drink too much tonight."

16. Pikachu, I told you not to eat too much ketchup!


18. Someone hand me a bucket cause I feel sick after seeing this.

19. I am not sure that this is art but it's kinda genius.

20. Trying to stop the unstoppable.

21. No, Davy Jones, no! Who did this to you?

22. Jes-ass

23. Did he stole that from the frog?

24. NO. JUST NO.

25. Just let lashes be only lashes man!

26. Help! Somebody turned my child into a dog!!

27. Finally somebody found the flavor I need.

28. Does the horn goes like "moop,moop"?

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