25 Things Killing Heavy Workers Slowly...


We all work hard, that's a given. But for some people, especially corporate workers and people who work in advertising, certain things literally kill them slowly. It's almost impossible to say no, and you can't really do anything about it. Hold onto your seats and let's have a go through all the godforsaken things they put you through!

1. You dream about freelancing every single day...

Keep dreaming...Never gonna happen!

2. You're tired of all the extra hour threats!

Get used to leaving the office late.

3. You're about to leave, but guess what? Brand new task to deal with...

Which sedative would you prefer?

4. You dream about assaulting your boss every time you see her/him.



6. You hallucinate at points.

Especially after that 5th cup of coffee.

7. Your only option for a relationship is your co-worker.

Which can get quite risky.

8. The words you use slowly "change..."

It's a new day and a new insult!

9. You even try exercising at the office.

Neeeever gonna happen!

10. Then come the office jokes!

It's impossible to remain quiet.

11. It's hard to keep your eyes open when things really pile up.

12. You keep calculating the results of a murder charge...

13. You still have to keep working hard to avoid getting fired.

14. You are easily and overly annoyed by your boss.

Even the way they walk or breathe is enough.

15. You have so much to do, you keep working from home.

No time to rest!

16. You can't attend any events or social gatherings...

17. At a certain point, you start accepting it...

Ignoring comes with acceptance.

18. Your biggest dream is endless sleep!

19. Your friends find it hard to believe.

"Is it even legal to work that much?"

20. You can't stop yourself from crying every morning.

I just...I just can't help it.

21. People keep asking why you're always tired and worn out.

Maybe I'm working?

22. When it's the holidays...


23. Your partner keeps nagging about your long sleeps.

24. Your friends hate you for bailing out at the last minute.

Well, they have a point.

25. Bonus - Please listen to this song when sh*t hits the fan. PS: You're awesome!

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