24 Pics Without Photoshop Proving The Earth Is An Awesome Place!


The world is a magical place from its oceans to its forests. These visually mesmerising scenes from around the world will surely inspire you to discover more about our planet!

***This article was originally posted on Brightside.

1. Solar eclipse in Canyon de Chelly nature reserve, Arizona

2. Pancake shaped ice cubes

3. An airplane flying inside a rainbow

4. Saho Harada, Japanese synchronized swimmer

5. Red clouds over the stadium

6. Firefall during a sunset

7. What an iceberg holds in the deep sea

8. Watching the rain fall from a plane

9. This little bird over the clouds

10. Chinese soldier exercising in province Heilongjiang, China

11. The remains after a rocket flight

12. This shining mountain

13. This lightning over Novorossiysk

14. This algae covered turtle

15. Thunderstorm formation photo taken from a plane

16. Flying close to the moon

17. A road that stopped fire

18. This spherical architecture

19. A visually striking city scape

20. Snow on the hills of Altai

21. A picture that shows the inside of a guitar

22. An inspiring thunderstorm

23. The bird that looks like an actual watermelon

24. A portal-like sky reflection

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