23 Irritating Things Office Workers Know Well!


''You have a minute?''

''Actually I'm sorta in the middle of something''

*continues talking anyway...*

1. That loud-typer, who sounds more like he's figthing with his keyboard.

2. People who talk about literally every single thing in their lives, though there is nothing exciting going on.

3. That insincere "how are you?" question people keep asking you, just to be polite.

4. That guy who keeps a secret stash of biscuits or candies in his desk drawer.

5. That person who won't stop sighing loudly until you ask them what’s wrong.

6. That person who comes in when they’re ill and starts an epidemic in the office.

7. That person who laughs really loudly and tries to make eye contact with you, expecting you to ask what they’re laughing at.

8. “Do you have a minute?” “Not really.” *continues talking anyway*

9. Having to chip in for a birthday present for someone you don't like.

10. When a colleague brings their kid in, and you don’t know how to communicate with kids.

11. Insincere and ridiculous corporate jargon.

12. That person who is always loud on the phone, and paces up and down the office during entire conversation.


13. Being treated like a child just because you are young.

14. ''Today, I came to the office at 7:30, so I don't know how bad the traffic was. Did I tell you I was already here at 7:30? '' (Always swanning around till 9:00)

15. Never being able to leave work before 6pm.

16. Air conditioning that is set to lowest possible temperature possible, all year round.

17. When people sing “Happy Birthday” to you, and you don’t know where to look.

18. People who stand behind you and look at your screen when you are working.

19. Being hungover, but still having to work.

20. The person who’s on a new diet every day.

21. Having to work on your birthday.

22. Having to work when it's sunny outside.


23. Having to work forever.

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