22 Promises Every Woman Should Definitely Keep!


As women, we have been accustomed to being accused of the things we haven't done since we were kids because of sexist societies. We have experienced inequality between men and women. We have witnessed being ignored, that being pretty is more important than being smart under the name of ''presentable'' in a workplace.

And along the way, we found out how everything we have learned was wrong.

We have learned to laugh, to be hopeful, to be positive, and how they make us stronger. 

Then let's imagine, make promises and enjoy life without excuses.. Because, like everyone else, we deserve the best.

I promise to love my body!


I promise to be happy with my body and eat well despite everything that society says about my body.

I promise to smell flowers everytime I see one.


I promise to be here and now whenever I inhale the perfect smell of nature.

I promise to be who I am.


Because I was born this way, I am strong this way. Nothing can change this.

I promise that I accept that no one is perfect.


I will date wrong men, I will date right men until I find the one who loves me no matter one. There is nothing wrong with it.

I promise to make so many mistakes.


I promise not to forget the lessons I learn from my mistakes, leave my comfort zone, and accept making mistakes.

I promise to forgive myself.


I am going to forgive myself despite all the mistakes I have done and I am not going to let them eat me alive.

I promise to not shut my mouth.


Especially when my voice is needed to be heard, I will step forward and fight for my rights, speak my mind. I will never be sorry for the things I believe.

I promise to be ''me first'' today, tomorrow, and everyday.


I will pursue my happiness before everything else because I'm worth it.

I promise to distinguish the man who loves me for my body and the one who loves me for my mind.


And I am sure that I can't be with any of them.

I promise to take care of my mind.


I promise to enrich it with books, movies, and travels etc...

I promise to give a chance to everyone.


I promise to leave my comfort zone and give a chance to anyone even though it sounds scary or stupid. Because you never get to know people without giving them a chance.

I promise that being a woman will be enough for me.


I will never accept the limits caused by my gender. I promise not to let my body be an object.

I promise to devote some time to my family.


No matter how busy I am, I promise to spare some minutes to call my family, tell them I love them and be with them.

I promise to exaggerate.


I promise to drink, sleep late, dance till it hurts, and eat till I explode. Because if I want to exaggerate, I exaggerate.

I promise to be proud of myself.


When I look back, I will never say ''I wish,'' instead I will appreciate the lessons I learned. Where I am now is a success already.

I promise to forgive but never forget.


I will let time heal me. I promise not to be sad and to feel blessed for the things I learned. 

I will move on.

I promise to cry if I need to.


Every time I am broken, offended, and wrong I promise to cry until I clean my soul.

I promise to wear anything I want.


I will never abstain from wearing high heels, put on red lipstick, wear short skirts, and never let the society judge me for what I wear. I promise.

I promise to be patient.


I promise to step back, go with the flow and put my trust in God, the universe, or whatever I believe and I will never let myself down.

I promise to give myself a chance to be jealous.


I will never take that as a handicap. I promise to let it raise me if I am jealous.

I promise to make plans for today, tomorrow, and for weeks later.


And not to afraid to break them.

I promise to not give up on love.


To love, to be loved. Keep loving the ones who don't deserve it. For your own soul. To prove that my heart is bigger than who I am. I promise to love my mistakes, embrace them and let the love invade my body.

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