22 Guaranteed Ways To Drive Your Doctor Crazy!

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It’s never fun to see a doctor, at least for the majority of people. I know a lot of people who refuse to go see a doctor even when they’re told that they should because they think that they might actually be carrying a deadly virus but it’s better not facing it at all. It’s like “I’ll die when I die.”
For them, on the other hand, the source of stress is nothing but you, people who go and create trouble in their offices, not taking your medication, not taking medical staff seriously, etc. Buzzfeed made a list of the things patients do that drive their doctors crazy. Here are those 22 guaranteed ways of annoying the hell out of your doctor…

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1. Show up with an epic list of ailments.


Most appointments are just 10 minutes long, which makes it hard to discuss 20 health issues. So go ahead, list them all.

2. Decide you know more about medicine than they do.


Try “Doctor, I checked WebMD and I’ve got Hirschsprung-Yinglebork disease!”

3. Don’t have a wash before your appointment.


Doctors don't have a sense of smell and they definitely don't have a gag reflex. Show up there in your most natural self. That will impress them.

4. Don’t wear underwear to your consultation.


They just love being surprised by an unexpected dick or vagina.

5. Lie about your symptoms.


Because it's not frustrating and unfair to people who are genuinely unwell at all.

6. Gripe about the other doctors in their office.

It’s not like they're friends or work colleagues or anything.

7. Do something really bloody stupid.


Get injuries caused by pranks, stunts, and dares which are completely avoidable. It’s worth the Facebook shares!

8. Bring stool samples in anything other than the airtight container they asked you to use.


That includes old takeaway containers and leaky plastic bags.

9. Show up late for an appointment.

And double the fun by justifying it, like: “Well you lot are always running late and I didn’t want to wait around for ages.”

10. Or don’t bother showing up at all.

...so they can't offer the appointment to someone else and cut those waiting times.

11. Be rude or aggressive to their reception staff.

If you verbally abuse them, the doctor might end up refusing to see you. See? That definitely works.

12. Refuse to vaccinate your children.


Well if you really hate your kids or kids in general.

13. Demand a sick note for a fake illness.


It’s a shame that their employer doesn’t believe that you were off sick with a “tummy bug” the day after you were drunkenly dancing on tables ‘til 3am at the Christmas party.

14. Fail to finish courses of medication, or completely ignore the instructions.


Not finishing courses of antibiotics is a leading cause of resistance. But don't remember what we were up to here, which is: driving your doctor crazy

15. Steel things from their office.


It isn’t just toilet paper; we’re talking pens, paper, tables, chairs, and even kids’ toys. That’s why they buy those tables with beads they can nail to the ground.

16. Furiously demand antibiotics for a cold.


Asking if you need antibiotics and accepting their reply is fine, but angrily demanding them when you’ve been told they won’t work? That’s just so much better.

17. Mess about with their stuff.

Those items have often been sterilized, and if you touch or tamper with them they’ll have to sterilize them again.

18. Harass them when you see them in the supermarket, or when they’re on the school run.


Don't they HAVE TO give you medical advice when they’re shopping for baked beans or dealing with a screaming child? Who needs an appointment?

19. Convince yourself you have a rare disease based on scaremongering news stories.


Ninety-nine percent of the time, it’s just a cold. But you have to be sure, right?

20. Refuse to give your children or teenagers privacy.


Say something like, “Anything you can say in front of the doctor, you can say in front of me.” Don't give them space. Don't give anyone space.

21. Yell at them, or threaten them with violence.


Most doctor's offices have panic buttons installed so they can contact the police quickly. Did you know that? I bet you didn't.

22. And, worst of all, fail to go and see them.


Jokes aside, they love their jobs and want to help people. They always want to see you if you’re genuinely worried about something; you’re not wasting their time.

But please, please stop bringing them carrier bags full of poo. It's not even that funny.

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