22 Awesome Feelings Only Irritating People Know


I always try to make you look bad when your crush is around. I never appreciate when you invite me to a movie but instead I always criticize your taste in everything.

Have you recognized me yet?

1. It's such a nice feeling to interrupt when someone else is speaking.

2. That pretentious laughter just to show that I am the one who is having the best time.

3. I always check my phone when my friend is telling me something important.

4. I will constantly touch your body just to keep your attention and make you listen to my jibber jabber.

5. My sentences are always long. Cause it makes me look like I am telling something important.

6. I will reject any place you suggest for dinner. I will not come up with any suggestions either.

7. All my sentences will end with "Right?" and I will not continue until you approve.

8. I will get wasted first and I do not care if I puke on people.

9. Are you humming your favorite song? I will sing mine even louder now.

10. I will adjust my seat like this and I don't care if there's not enough space for you.

11. Movies I like are the best movies and your music taste sucks.

12. My eating habits are the healthiest ones.

13. I will be at my loudest when I'm telling a joke.

14. "No worries it'll be done"

It didn't get done.

15. I will attend every event and tell you how much you missed.

16. I am the one that complains the most about a test and then gets the highest mark.

17. "Dude I was just about to call you." is the phrase I use every time someone calls me.

18. I will use foreign words with an exaggerated accent cause I traveled a lot and know everything right!

19. I will brag about that half pound I lost.

20. I will make you say something wrong just so that I could correct you.

21. I'll never tell you what's wrong in our relationship. You have to find it and everything is your fault.

22. I am late to all my meetings and as soon as I arrive I'll say "So where were we?"

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