22 Annoying Things Every Woman Has To Deal With Before Going Away!


There is no such thing as a bad vacation; the term ‘vacation’ itself even sounds so peaceful. But it is not easy to go on a vacation all the sudden for us as women. We have to start getting ready at least one month ahead. We know the struggle, so here is the painful preparation list!

1. It is our duty to find a place to stay that is cheap, cozy and close to the sea. Men are not good at this.

Because thats how you stay detail oriented.

2. Vacation means a hot body. It comes with the package to go on a diet.

And you have to believe in miracles. ☹

3. Trying to fit into our old clothes is a secret activity we all do.

And here comes the panic attack!

4. And of course, its inevitable to buy the 326th bikini and beach clothes because we think we do not have anything to wear. No! They are not the same, this one is blue and the other one is dark blue.

No! That one was blue and this one is dark blue.

5. The most important thing is to set the right date to shave. The most stressful thing before going on a vacation.

You need to balance it perfectly so that it shouldn't be your period day or your body hair shouldn't start growing back on the third day of the vacation.

6. We are not done yet!! Getting your nails done is an essential. Manicure & pedicure is a must…

Can you handle nail polish that has already started to come off on the first day of your vacation?

7. Taking a bath before tanning is also on the list!

Maybe we don't all do it, but a large number of women do it, so the tan stays longer on our skin!

8. It is so normal to go shopping over and over again just to find the right sun screen.

Because the best ones are too expensive, the cheap ones are tooo poor-quality.

9. Guess who’s job is to find the places to see and explore?

You are damn rightttt!!

10. BTW, it is also our job to clean the fridge, throwing away the food that might rot while we are gone.

Because we don’t want to face a bad surprise when we get back, and so we throw every single item in the fridge away with a great determination.

11. Ughh!! Doing laundry is another activity we must do before going on a vacation. Not just ours tho!

Of course.. Go hard on the house wife!

12. The most common thing that everybody forget about is flip flops. Here we come again shopping malls!!!!

We always remember that the ones we have from last year are worn-out at the last minute.

13. We have to make sure everyone is good to go, that's why we keep all the tickets just in case. Because we are control freaks.

Everyone needs to keep their own tickets from now on!!!

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