22 Amazing Chase Scenes To Give You An Instant Adrenaline Rush!


If you’re bored to death at work today, or having a midlife crisis of some sort, we have the greatest list for you to boost your mood without even getting up out of your chair, fellas. Here are 22 of the greatest chase scenes from 22 of the greatest action movies in the film history! Enjoy your adrenaline rush. Thank us later.

1. District B13 - Parkour Chase Scene

2. Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation, Bike Chase

3. The Matrix Reloaded - Trinity On Ducati 996

4. Michael Bay's famous chase scene in The Island

5. The Dark Knight - Batmobile Car Chase Scene

6. Captain America: Civil War - Black Panther Chase

7. That one unforgettable scene from Trainspotting...

8. Ronin - Paris Car Chase

9. The most horrifying thing to run away from: T-Rex

10. The Bourne Supremacy - Car chase with Kirill

11. Mad Max: Fury Road

12. 28 Weeks

13. Mini Coopers in The Italian Job

14. Arwen Ride

15. Bullitt

16. The Great Escape - Motorcycle Escape

17. That famous chase scene from Spielberg's "Duel"

18. Taxi II - Paris

19. Heat - Shootout Scene

20. Fast Five - Vault Scene

21. Casino Royale - Parkour Chase

22. Terminator 2: Judgment Day

TV Series Bonus: Game of Thrones - The Waif Finds Arya

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