21 Useful Skills Only Master Introverts Have

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You introvert! You deserve a round of applause for your first-class acting performance every time you fake disappointment over cancelled plans.

Source: http://www.buzzfeed.com

1. Artfully pretending you didn’t see that casual acquaintance in public.

- OMG I really didn't see you... (LYING)

2. Faking disappointment when the event you didn't want to attend gets cancelled.

And the oscar goes to...

3. If you happen to go to a party, finding the best buddy for yourself.

Making friends with the resident animals

4. And then ducking out unnoticed at a reasonable hour.

5. Showing it firmly but politely, when you don’t want to socialize.

6. Negotiating with your more extroverted friends about your terms before attending the party they invited you to.

7. Always seeing texts late.

- sorry, just saw this now...

8. Politely canceling plans.

9. And turning them down in the first place.

10. Reading in loud public places without getting distracted, even for a second.

11. Masterfully slipping out of conversations when they get too long.

12. Finding the most creative methods to avoid your co-workers

13. And to keep 'yourself' entertained.

14. Always having the best entertaining plans for the weekend, and being too busy to attend others.'

15. Speaking up the bare minimum in class or at work to communicate with others.

And surprising everyone around: 

- Omg she/he can talk! o.O

16. Properly explaining to others about your 'introvert quirks'.

For example:  "Sorry for being late, I just really didn't want to come."

17. Economizing your social energy.

- I already went to supermarket, enough outdoor activity for today.

18. Using headphones as a weapon of defense.

19. Recharging in the bathroom when you stay exposed to the social world for too long.

20. Knowing exactly when your social batteries will die.

21. And knowing where the hapiness is: Home & Alone

Home sweet home

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