21 Problems To Relate If You HATE Winter!


-"Winter is coming..." 

- I hope not... 😭

1. You start having nightmares about your heating bills in early November.

Sometimes you feel like literally burning money could be a cheaper solution for heating right?

Winter loving people must be either super rich or crazy!

2. Every morning, getting out of your warm bed feels like the hardest thing in the world.

"Do I really have to go to work today?"

3. You start sleeping in heavier clothes, because it's freezing COLD!

4. And the instant rain... Especially when you get caught on the way to work or school!

You even hate the movies with romantic kissing-in-the-rain scenes.

5. You really don't enjoy having a cup of coffee and watching the rain from your window. Ain't nobody got time for that

The coffee industry must be behind this cliché...


6. You feel cold after showers. That's why you start hating showering in the morning.

The worst moment is when cold shower curtain touches your back.That's cruel!!! 😭

7. And inevitably, you catch a cold.Your nose gets chapped from constant wiping. You may even have to go to work while sick.

Having a red nose like a clown is priceless. 💉💊

8. Snow makes life even more difficult. Having to go outside in a snowstorm is a one way ticket to hell (not temperature-wise)

Because enjoying the snow is for children ⛄❄️❄️

9. Longer hair, longer beards. Your make-up gets messed up. You can't recognize yourself in the mirror.

10. You have to wear millions of layers, like a cabbage.Sometimes your clothes are heavier than you.

11. And because of all the layers of clothes, when you get to somewhere warm, you start sweating.

When you go out, it's cold again. No wonder you get sick so often.😰

12. Wearing boots is another torturous winter ritual. You miss your comfy tennis shoes.

13. Weekends are not much fun anymore. Even when you go out, all you can think of going back home.

14. Due to cold whether, your face muscles get harder to move. Sometimes, even speaking can be problematic.

15. Most people get more stressed and tense in winter. You may easily end up arguing with someone in traffic or on the street.

16. Since days are short and nights are long, it feels like time is passing so fast and you're not using it efficiently.

"When did it get dark again??" 😢

17. If your kitchen is cold, even opening the fridge's door can be painful.

18. Cold drinks and ice-cream do not look very appealing in winter.

19. Bus stops have strategic importance in winter. You look for one every time you need shelter from the rain.

20. And when the bus finally comes around the corner, it feels like seeing Gandalf coming from the east on the first light of the fifth day.

21. You start a bizzare relationship with your heater. You wanna hug it all day and night, go to work with it, sleep with it...

All I need is my heater. 😂

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