21 Hilarious Photos Showing How Dudes Posing Like Girls Would Look!


These guys do the cliche women poses and upload them on their Instagram account. They have around almost 500k followers. We picked 21 of these awesome photos to share with you! ✌🏼

Source: https://www.instagram.com/brosbeingbasic

1. The Instagram account named Brosbeingbasic

2. Consists of fun guys who pose,

3. And act

4. Like women.

5. And the poses are all awfully familiar...😂

6. But when guys do these cliche women stuff,

7. It looks pretty funny. 🙆🏼

8. Very, very funny! 😂

9. You can't not laugh. 😂

10. And here are some of them:

11. â˜”☔☔

12. Awesome! 😂

13. Murad Osmann's "Follow Me" pose 💁

14. The things that they could fit in this one frame... 💆🏼

15. Enjoy it, guys! 🍹

16. â˜€

17. Coachella Festival 😂

18. Chilling with style! 🛀🏼

19. And WTF is this? 😂

20. â›±

21. Victoria's Secret effect 💓

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