20 Dreamy Male Characters 90s Kids Deeply Adored!


The 1990s was an amazing era, pretty much in terms of everything. Just like all other eras, it had its own hotties. Here are 20.

1. Jesse - Full House

Your dream uncle...

2. Ken

All the cool kids wanted to be Ken.

3. Anthony - Candy Candy

Oh how we mourned...

4. Terry - Candy Candy

Everyone forgot Anthony when Terry came to play.

5. Red Ranger - Power Rangers

Green and White were also good, but Red was the hottie.

6. Richie Rich

Money isn't the main reason, trust me...

7. He-Man

Dat panther, those muscles...Who could resist?!

8. Hercules


9. Michelangelo - Ninja Turtles

Adorable, sympathetic, loves pizza and can easily make you laugh. What else could you ask for?

10. Ash Ketchum

We would have even settled for Pikachu, and felt so jelly about Misty!

11. Peter - Heidi

"Holadio, holadio

Heidi, Heidi
Deine Welt sind die Berge
Heidi, Heidi
Denn hier oben bist Du zu Haus"

12. Ricky Martin

We bet tons and tons of girls felt devastated after Ricky came out. But then again, it wasn't a massive surprise, was it?

13. Clark Kent - Superman

He looked so cool with and without his Superman outfit.

14. Hefty Smurf

Muscles and tattoos. Speaks for itself.

15. Peter Parker - Spiderman

Eccentric photographer by day. Hero by night!

16. Tsubasa

Look at him go!

17. Mamoru - Sailor Moon

Dat mask.. 😎😘

18. Marty McFly - Back to the Future

19. Macaulay Culkin

Handsome, sneaky, clever and he could easily survive a thief attack.

20. Jack - Titanic

Words fall short...

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