20 Amazing Tips To Upgrade Your House In The Cheapest Way


Refreshing homes often frighten people and we think that we need to take a long time to process it all. I mean, they don't see it as something that could start today and finish tomorrow.

But we want to show you that it's not really like that. With small tips, you can upgrade your house in any way you want and have fun at the same time. These tips which were taken from Buzzfeed are sure to give you ideas on what you can do.

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/elenamgarcia/ca...

1. You can give your home some character by adding texture to your walls with peel-and-stick wall panels.

2. You can also create a charming accent wall with peel-and-stick paper that could be easily removed.

3. If you're not happy with your countertops, you don't have to renew them. Upgrade your countertops to faux granite with special paint kits instead of spending a fortune to replace it.

4. You can reseal all of those unsightly cracks in your tub and tile with caulking and make your bathroom look new again.

5. You can update recess lighting without doing any electrical work by using magnetic shades.

6. You can install crown molding like what you see in this picture to help make your home look historic and charming.

7. Get the stainless-steel appliances you’ve always wanted at a fraction of the price with some paint.

8. You can make your windows look expensive with leaded-glass film.

9. If you're unhappy with the way your cabinets look in your kitchen, you can paint them to give your kitchen the new-remodeled feeling at a cheap price.

10. If you're bored with your kitchen, you can add a new tile backsplash to give a better look without any help from outside. You can find all kinds of different designs.

11. It's not just the light that gives an elegant look. Add a medallion to your light fixtures to have a more beautiful style.

12. Bulk up your baseboards with paint and extra trim instead of replacing them.

13. You can install shelving systems in every room to add storage.

14. When you change the handles on your cabinets and drawers, it'll feel like you've changed your whole kitchen.

15. You can upgrade your doorbell with things like these.

16. If you have area rugs like this, you can paint them to liven up your room.

17. Another painting idea is for the doors of your house. You can paint them to achieve a different look.

18. You can find matching fabrics, paints, and materials with a color match tool that you can download to your tablet.

19. You can get a more curb appeal by sanding down and painting rusted railings outside your house.

20. And finally, you can update the light switches in your house to give it a fresh look and a high-tech upgrade.

Enjoy your new home...

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