19 Bizarre Love-Making Stories Guaranteed To Give You The Creeps!


Buzzfeed recently gathered a list of the creepiest sex stories from people. This is a selection of highlights of those nightmare stories! 💏💏💏

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com

1. Scary Billiard Balls


"We were together with my boyfriend at my grandmother's place. We went to the basement to play billiards. When we started having sex, we came up with the idea of putting a ball in my butt. I was terrified and it hurt so much. I went upstairs to remove the balls with my grandma not having a clue of what was happening in my hole. I went to the bathroom and realized that he put an extra gold ball alongside the billiard ball!!"

2. Falling teeth


"I was having sex with a girl whom I just met. I was on top of her and I felt my teeth grinning. My false tooth fell into her mouth! She asked me what it was and we went on having sex like nothing happened."

3. Surprise fart


"My boyfriend started kissing my body while we were having foreplay. Unfortunately, I didn't realize where his mouth was. I thought it was the perfect moment to have a silent fart. However, I farted inside of his mouth. Poor guy had to brush his teeth a couple of times!"😷

4. Flying partner


"I wanted to change my position and get on top while we were having intercourse. I used my foot to slowly push my partner. I don't know what happened but my partner literally flew away and hit her head on the side table next to the bed. Her legs were in the air and she had the night lamp on her head when I last saw her!"

5. Orgasmic Prayers


"I once dated a Brazilian hottie. One night, we fooled around and he turned all the lights off so that we could have sex. When we finished our thing, he started singing a weird song. I realized later that it was a Christian gospel in Portuguese. It was pretty weird since I wasn't even a Christian!"

6. Testicle Explosion


"After seeing this guy for a couple of dates, I invited him to my place. He has this weird visible gap between his testicles. He wanted me to put my finger into that gap and pull his testicles. I never called him again!"

7. Dirty Hair Brush


"I met this guy at a bar and we went to my place afterwards. Everything was going smoothly until he showed up with a bottle of lube and a hairbrush. He wanted me to give him a blowjob while poking his lubed butthole with the hairbrush!"

8. Hot Fingers


"Sex was going amazing until my boyfriend decided to put his fingers in my vagina. It felt like my vagina was on fire. The reason behind this feeling was nothing more than the hot Buffalo Wild Wings he had eaten before. He didn't bother to wash his hands afterwards. I had to put some ice cubes over my vagina to numb the pain."

9. Sperm String


"When my ex-boyfriend slipped out his penis, his sperm squirted right to his own nose. He threw up immediately, due to the sperm in his nose."

10. Spank by Mistake


"I was having sex with my husband and he wanted to spank me. He couldn't manage to reach his target and spanked his own testicles instead! We started laughing immediately and had to stop having sex. This happened 3 years ago and he never asked to spank me ever since."

11. Busted Virgin


"It was the first time that I was having sex. I was in my room with my girlfriend and my mom suddenly came into the room. I panicked and pulled up the sheets in order to hide from my mom, but, my girlfriend was left bare naked in front of her! I tried to explain the situation to my mom but I couldn't convince her to think otherwise. It was the last time I saw that girlfriend!"

12. Sperm that came unnoticed


"While my girlfriend was giving me a blowjob, I came inside of her mouth. I was trying to save the situation and being grateful that I didn't fart. My girlfriend started laughing heavily and the sperms in her mouth came out from her nose. I never laughed like this in my life!"

13. Sleepyhead


"My ex-boyfriend showed up at my door that night and he was extremely exhausted. He insisted on going down on me. I accepted his offer and started to enjoy myself. Then, I realised something weird! He was so tired that he fell asleep between my legs."

14. Slippery Attraction


"We had sex in the shower and my foot slipped when I was trying to get out. I tried to keep my balance by holding onto my boyfriend and I was pulling the shower curtain at the same time. However, as one might expect, the shower curtain was not strong enough to carry my body. I fell and hit my chest on the sink. We had to go to the hospital and realized that some of the bones in my chest were broken."

15. Naughty kitten


"The night I proposed to my wife, we had the sex of our lives. The moment I was about to push inside of her, our kitten jumped on the bed and started batting my balls with its paws."

16. Dark Knight pisses


"I once had a boyfriend who asked me to call him names like Batman or Dark Knight in bed! One day, we had sex and he pissed right out of the balcony to the front yard. I still don't know why he did something like that."

17. Happy Farty New Year


"I was having sex with my boyfriend on New Years Eve. Things were going great until he farted loudly. He got really embarrassed and tried to push me away. He didn't realize that he was still inside of me. We fell off of the bed together."

18. A pinch of sperm


"I was having sex with my husband and we wanted to not use a condom for once. However, things heated up and he ejaculated inside of me. He tried to pull himself out at the last minute and my face was covered with sperm. Even my eyelids!"

19. Mucus Fetish


"My ex-boyfriend enjoyed licking the blackheads and pimples. He enjoys it if someone does the same thing to him. He was really gross!"

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