18 Things To Consider Before You Live Like A TV Star!

> 18 Things To Consider Before You Live Like A TV Star!

TV shows have a world of their own. If you desire to live life like your favorite TV character, prepare yourself to have a different life. We're going to explain to you the secrets of living like a character from a TV show. Here are some things to consider!

1. If you are a guy, put the heat on because you are not going to sleep with a t-shirt on.

2. Prepare to pay a huge electric bill, as you are not going to turn off any lights.

3. Do not expect any gifts from your guests.

4. If you are woman, prepare to sleep with your make up on. After all, you are going to wake up and be awesome.

5. Get ready for a dirty place! You are wearing shoes inside from now on. You may even have to lie down in your bed with them.

6. Have you ever seen a TV character that is looking for a place to park? No, because you are always using parking lots.

7. As you have to sleep in clean white sheets all the time, prepare to change sheets everyday. Good luck with that.

8. Having wine bottles in your place is a must. You have to toast every single day.

9. Breakfasts are now equal to cornflakes. Do not dream of eggs and bacon.

10. Forget about tea. Coffee is the new black.

11. Tipping will make your wallet sad. After all, you are now leaving paper bucks, not some change you have in your pocket.

12. You don't have a car? No problem, you can go everywhere with a cab. Even if it's only a few blocks away.

13. If you have a pet, they do not know any boundaries. On the kitchen counter, couch, bed... Wherever they like.

14. Forget about your comfy PJs. You are always fully clothed, no matter what.

15. You don't bring food to work. You go to a fancy restaurant and pay $$$.

16. You are always ready for some kinky action. So be prepared!

17. You don't look at price tags anymore. If you like something, you'll buy that. Bargaining is not an option.

18. When you go to a hotel, nothing disgusts you. You're going to use a bathtub that has been used at least 500 times before you. No escape.