18 Things Only Overthinkers Understand


So you just had an incident with your friend/partner/bestie and you just can't stop wondering what's going to happen next. Your brain is about to melt from overthinking. Be kind to yourself and stop thinking!

1. You look for additional meaning in everything. You have an ability to come up with your own conspiracies.


2. Everything is a hundred times more difficult for you, as you live your feelings to the extreme.


3. You don't know what "Let it go" means. You feel like if you over analyze and think more about things, you can change the existing consequences.

4. Probably, you were never sure of something. From picking your school to your significant other or which type of bread you're going to buy... You have worries about things and you are indecisive.


5. You know what those lyrics actually imply. After all, you are the master of reading between the lines.


6. There are times that your senses are right. However, the hardest thing to accept is that there is no meaning behind anything and you're the only one who realizes that.


7. You're grateful to have friends that listen to your constant overthinking without losing interest.


8. Sharing screenshots and consulting about every detail of your life with your friends is in your daily routine.


9. If there is word that can mean something else, you are going to understand it from your own perspective. You'll misunderstand what they mean and it will make your life hell for the rest of the day, thinking about what they actually meant.


10. It's normal for you to regret your texts or emails because you could've done better. You should have done better!


11. After a night of heavy drinking, you are not grateful that you survived. You are happy that you didn't drunk dial or text anyone. Paranoia, paranoia everywhere!


12. Sleeping is one of the most difficult things out there. You think that lying in your bed is the ideal time to do some thinking without any interruption.


13. You've convinced yourself that you are going to go live the worst scenario.


14. Spending time on the internet is a nightmare for you. You look for meaning everywhere, from the comments to the emojis. You have amazing stalking skills because of that.


15. If someone breaks up with you or they reject you, you convince yourself that you made a mess out of this situation.


16. You've heard this sentence a million times from your loved ones: "You overthink about everything. Don't do that, please!"


17. If someone makes a comment about you, you think of all the things they could mean until you get tired and convince yourself with your own explanation.


18. If someone dares to unfollow you on Twitter or IG, you have to find out who they are. You're not sleeping today!

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