18 Similar Movie Duos You Should Watch In One Go!


Wouldn’t it be great if the influence of a movie that you really liked lasted much longer? Well, we made a list so you can pick a good movie depending on your tastes. Below, you’ll find similar movies which will, one way or another, leave the same feeling!
All of them are strongly recommended btw…

1. Frequency & The Butterfly Effect

How much of the future could we change if we could go back in time?

Frequency (2000)  (IMDb: 7.3)
The Butterfly Effect (2004)  (IMDb: 7.7)

2. OMG Oh My God! & P.K.

On religion...

OMG: Oh My God! (2012) (IMDb:8.2)
PK (2014) (IMDb:8.6)

3. Evil: Ondskan & Klass

How hard can school be for a kid? The second movie especially will probably be a bit depressing.

Evil: Ondskan (2003) (IMDb: 7.8)
Klass (2007) (IMDb: 8.1)

4. The Tournament & The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games was a hit and everyone liked it a lot. If you’ve been looking for a similar movie, we’ll recommend for you to watch The Tournament.

The Tournament (2009)  (IMDb: 6.1)
The Hunger Games (2012)  (IMDb: 7.3)

5. Limitless & Lucy

What if we were able use our brain at full capacity?

Limitless (2011)  (IMDb: 7.4)
Lucy (2014)  (IMDb: 6.5)

6. Philadelphia & Flash Of Genius

For those who like movies on the law...

Philadelphia (1993) (IMDb: 7.7)
Flash Of Genius (2008) (IMDb: 7.0)

7. Alfie & Spread

Two of "the last of the famous international playboys"...

Alfie (2004) (IMDb: 6.2)
Spread (2009) (IMDb: 5.9)

8. Apocalypto & 10,000 B.C.

The struggle of people living in ancient times who were taken from their tribes and forced into slavery...

Apocalypto (2007) (IMDb: 7.8)
10.000 B.C. (2008) (IMDb: 5.0)

9. Panzehir & John Wick

Two hardcore retirement stories...

Antidote (2014) (IMDb: 7.4)
John Wick (2014) (IMDb: 7.3)

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