18 Reasons Why People Young At Heart Are Ideal Partners!

> 18 Reasons Why People Young At Heart Are Ideal Partners!

If only everyone could keep in touch with their inner-child... 😊

1. They are fun; you will never get bored around them.

2. They find a way to make you smile when you are feeling down.

3. When you are around them, you just go with the flow. You don't worry about the past or future. You live in the moment.

4. They get along with children so well that you might sometimes be jealous of their skills.

5. They don't care about cliche beauty standards. They can take any shape to be happy and to make you happy. They don't care about how they look.

6. They don't care about "what others might think of them." They only value their loved ones' opinions.

7. They never lie. They have a good heart and not one small bit of evil.

8. They follow their loved ones and don't abandon them because they never want to lose them.

9. It is easy to make them happy because they can be happy with small things. And when they are happy, you can see their eyes shine.

10. They have strong ties with their family. They can do anything for them.

11. They never hurt anybody. Even if they have to settle some accounts, they do it in the least harmful way possible.

12. But that doesn't mean that they aren't strong. They are very strong. They can stand tall and straight, even in the hardest times.

13. Their inner-child needs love. They expect attention from the people they care about.

14. When something bothers them, they go to their happy place. They love dreaming.

15. They don't care about being dominant or in control. They just want to be sure that they are loved.

16. They want to be a super hero for their significant other. That's why it is natural that you feel like you're walking on clouds when you are with them.

17. They are devoted. There is nothing they won't give up for the person they love.

18. And when they find someone they can trust with their heart and soul, they get unconditionally attached to that person.

Love the people who are still in touch with their inner-child and treat them right! ☺️