18 Photos Of Street Art That Will Fan The Flames Of Revolution


The United States is under distress right now.  Between protests for gay rights, women's rights, minority rights and everything else, the people are sending a clear message that they have had enough.  

To celebrate the activism that makes America great, we've gathered 18 pictures of street art that are sure to fan the flames of revolution. 


“Ambition” by Eddie Colla

See more of his work here

"Epilogue" also by Eddie Colla

"Donald Trump" by Pegasus

"The Big Bad Apple" by Goin

Unknown artist - spotted in Durham, NC

"#blacktranslivesmatter" by Tatyana Fazlalizadeh

See more from Tatyana here

"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun...damental Human Rights" by Jessica Hallbäck

Check out more of her work here

"Our success is a lie" by Tyler

You can find Tyler on Facebook

Seen at Upfest 2015 by Dr. Love

Dr. Love is on Facebook

by Banksy

Find Banksy here

Unknown artist

by Urben

Urben's on Facebook

by Plotterroboter Ken

Learn more here

"The Ideal Citizen" by Mogul

See more

"I See Humans but no Humanity" by Klister-Peter

"I love you because we hate the same stuff" by Morley

See more here

"Coca Cola Molotows" by Icy And Sot

Icy and Sot can be found here

"Same Shit Different Colour" by July i

Like her stuff

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