17 Things To Consider Before You Give Up And Say "ENOUGH!"


No one ever said that life is easy! Throughout our entire lives, we face troubled times and feel like nothing goes smoothly. If this is the case, it's time to take a stand and fight! But again, you will feel tired and say "enough," then give up. It happens, yes. But before you say "enough" the next time, hear us out. 

These little things might actually make big changes and start making you feel more positive about your problems.

1. Cliché or not, the answer lies within you. Take a moment to sit down and think about what you've been doing wrong or what you need to do to make it right!


2. This doesn't mean you have to isolate yourself. Go out, have fun, meet with your friends. You need to be able to change your mood as the problem lays in the background.


3. Keep yourself busy. Try new hobbies, attend courses. Take lessons. Maybe you'll discover something new!


4. Your brain needs your body to keep itself fresh. You don't need to be the next Mountain from GoT, you just need small workouts 2-3 times a week.


5. If you can, pack your bags and go away for a bit, even to another city or a local hotel. A change of scenery is often fruitful.


6. Learn how and when to forgive. Being merciful goes a longer way than you think. Most of all, learn to forgive yourself.


7. Face reality. Stop hurting yourself over things you can't change. If you did your best, leave the rest and focus on something else.


8. Don't hold things in, and don't hold grudges. If you have something to say, just go ahead and say it.


9. Do charity and social work. Visit people who are in need of help, and go take care of abandoned kids. You will feel much better.


10. Go find people that share your problems and talk to them. Sharing's good!


11. Another recommendation from psychologists: Write all your troubles down on a piece of paper and then just tear apart that list and throw it all away.


12. We all need time for ourselves. Create your own "me time" and stick to it. Small meditation sessions could do wonders!


13. Start writing a diary. Keep everything checked and noted. This will make you be more aware of them and think more detailed about them.


14. Don't underestimate yourself! Find the things you've accomplished and be proud of 'em!


15. Find your inner strength...Don't be afraid to use it, especially at times like these!


16. Think about the Pale Blue Dot from Voyager 1. This is how big Earth is...And now, think how big your problems can actually be!


17. Last but not least, Carpe Diem! Live in the moment, don't stand by and watch it go away!


You're most welcome...A brand new day begins tomorrow!

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